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Time To Repair Or Upgrade Your  Pool & Spa System ?

 We offer repairs on existing  system equipment from a outdoor plug or lighting  to new and upgraded full system installations. We carry all name brands  + 3 year Warranty on select name brands

Know before you buy & Fix before you sell 

 If the home you are considering purchasing has a pool or spa leak or house plumbing leak the owner has not told you about and since property inspectors can not throughly inspect or test pools or plumbing leaks you could spend thousands on repairs. Knowing if there is a leak before you purchase is a wise choice.

Pool Crack & Plumbing Repairs 

Pin Point Leak Detection . Reduces Cost By Removing Guess Work .  

 We have many services and repair options to choose from to fit your budget and solve your problem. Our methods for locating your leak use the latest state of the art equipment  

Non Destructive test methods. Residential / Commercial

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Property Investment services

Under Water Repairs

Low Costs...Drought Friendly

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1 Year Warranty On Repairs